When is the right time to get In Toone? Now, of course.

If your business is suffering from “the best kept secret syndrome” or your existing marketing messaging is just not resonating with your prospects, the time to act is now.

There are many ways we can help.

  • Freshening up your marketing materials and/or content on your website;
  • Creating an active social media campaign to engage new followers;
  • Writing and distributing press releases to achieve news coverage in publications, both consumer and trade, online and in broadcast;
  • Strategic event planning, management and promotion;
  • Developing good relationships with key editors and producers and establishing your business as a news source;
  • Promoting appropriate community involvement, positioning your business as a socially responsible, good corporate citizen;
  • Recommending, planning and promoting educational seminars provided by or in partnership with your business.

Listen as Jennifer is interviewed on “Patricia Raskin’s Positive Business” on AM790. The program aired on March 3, 2012.

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